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"That We Govern for Freedom"

"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Government of an Arch

When an animal is born, and learns to walk, they establish their domain and dominion among
the lands And animals of a planet, and RULE their continuum data for as long as they live.

Learn more about my perspective; earn and speak about your own! +anArk 2017

The government of an arch, suggest a government of some construction. The GoA naturally is the result of billions of years engineering by our planet and coincidence of encounter with intelligence in our environments. This internet property is read Government of an Arch, to suggest the emphasis on "an" as part of a perspective model for a point. Our ark is part environment, and this I suggest with the first letter for the word from the language I speak today, "e." That defense of our planet, her ecosystems, and environments, is that defense of our Ark; that which gives life and keeps us alive. That defense of our self, our construction, is the defense of an Arch. Serving the oldest among us, e, we might find life beyond this flesh earning our spirit responsibly with service to. That the defense of el is from those who would do her harm. The considerations for natural activity are found when harm is identified, understood, and the problem eventually dealt with. When considering the RuL, the actions among men, as that radio and light to distance in space, tell always the universe the courage and responsibility held among men to our planet, a trust, when faced with survival beyond that of our individuals. O, a circle representing a light with shadow, is reference to our star and continued longevity and navigation of this garden and among the earthly and celestial bodies.
Describing the; Currently the description is understood with a perspective Model. Where it was previously argued the construction referred to as whole, part, or not, and piece of a two or more perspective model. Consider a perspective with a marker around that construction is not flat, it is three dimensional with the marker at distance away from that construction having a similar shape at position on it. The use for "an" describes some position with observation around the Arch, a literally "a natural" with etymology and word origin "construction," and from this we have an unlimited number of perspectives available beyond two that are noted other places. Anarch, has a perspective close to the word, and an Arch, has a perspective at a marker position, some place away from the word, but still with observation. This becomes more complicated as the shapes get more complicated using such a transform described at Natural time lines and other legal considerations derived from this logic pattern, are useful when evaluating a topic having more than one perspective of the same construction.
The following are explorations of Ark Science; the dependability of an Arch, The Belief of Ark; and the use of those tools of trade. The reference to my +R (a religion, a natural ark +catholic, is that it guide me responsibly when charged with defense for our self or community. That where the church has discouraged dangerous magic and science for thousands of years, I believe it will not cease with such ferocity among those Templar of a rank, that the purpose with defense of planet, serve us for eternities; this planet and the others.

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Happy Earth day 2016. Great year for QuanTunnel, at v.015 unofficial and official draft v.001
In Syria, arches looking like half of the 0|P|0 equation, where knocked down at a Natural temple.
Trying to give away the souls of flight crews flying chemical weapons over the United States and other
nations... is proving unsuccessful. We do not want them in the United States. Period. These men selected
a chain of command instead of god and garden. A demon would not claim their souls after death.
In Mexico, a church came out of the water.
Sweeping out SPIDER WEBS from the communities built by masons, returning health
to the population, begins with a proper hand tool. Read more at Government of anArk .com
This is the first period in millions of years, that planet earth, the garden of the gods,
and her territories, have been assaulted with pesticide and other chemicals.
A belief in god, can be found at the temple of EL; and these craft are to be intercepted.
I want to welcome men to the Government of anArk!
"an" is a |Marker Perspective of the Ark when using the 0|P|0 TLR model.
Events occurring during the founding of
Government of anArk.

A stone
Behold! A stone!

A thing that is alive, might move. Progressive content has changed the
data moving to some distance for observation, animating an ARK.

Learn about anARK Elluminous Organization.

Hand symbol resembles |Marker for
record Time with Energy and Light.
Read about the covenant here...

These documents are still under construction, do not complain about early access to these topics without proposing a solution.

P|4 Point marker increment numerical is 4; Each l 1ength is a length of light added to the 0|P|0 (point); [t]; it took time in some space to bring the point into existence; and [e] energy for the point to emit some light; inside a known or unknown l or e |0 relative to P.

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